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Amazing Birthday Cake

In Cookery this week one of our Year 10 students, Grace made a FANTASTIC birthday cake for her sister.


Luxury chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate buttercream.

Decorated with Maltesers and Cadbury’s chocolate fingers.


A chocoholics dream! 





We are very pleased to announce that we have received a £12,000 grant from the Tesco Bags of Help Programme. These funds will support our long term plan to open up the existing woodland area to incorporate, nature trails, woodland walks, a natural stream and pond.

These areas will eventually be opened up to other local schools and organisations within our area.

Head teacher, Mr Chris Armond says, “Our students are keen to continue developing our woodland area and this grant from Tesco Bags of Help programme will help us realise our long term aims”.

This project will enable the bespoke curriculum that is offered to all students to continue offering real educational and vocational opportunities, in woodland management, environmental studies, wood craft, Science, Music, English and design technology to all key stages.

The Design Technology and Land Based Studies team are looking forward to the challenge of developing the woodland area. Malcolm Hodson, Land based studies teacher said “It gives us a real life work opportunity to help prepare our students for the real world. It’s a fantastic opportunity all thanks to Tesco Bags of Help”.

This is the third stage of the project and aims to open up the woodland area to form an outside educational space. Steve Everton, Design Technology Teacher and Woodland Project Leader told us “The continued support of local and national funding agencies has been pivotal to the great progress that we have made and we would like to thank all involved for their continued help and support”.

Following on from the fantastic success in 2014/2015 of the over haul and installations within the wooded area to right side of the school site, pupils and staff have decided to embark on further fund raising attempts to improve the area for 2016!


This project is based around developing the wooded area further, transforming it into a fantastic wild life Learning Space!


Students and staff have been clearing the site over the past 12 months and this has exposed a huge exciting area for us to get working on! We have already funded and begun some of the work already, with students building a large pond and laying wood chip for pathways. We managed to get some free wooded seating from a local business. Now, students want to plant willow saplings and build woven hurdles to zone off the different learning areas. The students would like a Music Zone, an Art Zone, a Geography Zone and a Science Zone. They require a decked jetty with rope balustrades so that all pupils can take part in pond dipping.


The project will also have raised beds to add touch, smell and taste to the sensory area.

A bird hide and feeder crafted from local timber will encourage student interaction with nature.

Our goal for this project is £14,000. We will keep you updated with events and information as we move forward with the project.

At The Lady Jane Franklin School, across the whole school is an ongoing Anti Bullying Project with iPADS. All students have become very enthusiastic and creative while working on their production.

Keep posted for more details!

New and exciting plans developing regarding the Woodlands Project.

Funding being made available for more student interaction.

Theatre Production “Of Mice and Men”

Rhubarb Theatre appeared in school on Tuesday 12th May to perform a live production of the John Steinbeck novel, ‘Of Mice and Men’ and conducted various workshops based on the main themes throughout the story. Key stage 4 gathered in the hall to watch actors perform scenes from the play in which pupils were encouraged to take part and become characters from the novel.

Premiership Performance


Tuesday 10th February 2015 saw a group of lower school students head to the KC football stadium in Hull to watch a Premier League Football match. The match was a bottom of the table clash between Hull City and Aston Villa. With this being an important match for both teams there was an almost capacity crowd in attendance with 21 ,467 spectators making the trip on a cold Tuesday evening.


The match was a real basement dogfight with neither team taking the upper hand. After a hard fought first half, both teams went for their half time cup of tea with the score 1-0 to the home team, the only goal coming from a deflected shot late in the half.


The second half began in the same way as the first ended with neither team dominating proceedings. Hull City then managed to scramble another goal to finish the game as 2-0 victors and swapping places in the league.

Well done to all the pupils who went along on gaining the reward and thanks must also go to the staff who went along in making the trip a success.

The World of Work


During July Year 10 pupils are venturing out on work experience across the county. They will be participating in the mechanical, horticultural and service industries to gain an insight into what a career within these areas would be like. They will have gained practical experience alongside professionals who have been specifically chosen to share their skills and knowledge.

Coastal Classroom


Year 8 recently gathered up five weeks of classroom learning about Coastal Processes and took it to Skegness to see what really happens where land meets sea.

Students were asked to carry out a series of practical experiments on North Shore beach. These included:

  • Measuring sand height on either side of a groyne to detect longshore drift action;

  • Recording the movement in the sea of an orange to visibly observe longshore drift;

  • Taking sand samples at different levels of the beach to see if the sand quality changed;

  • Taking a water sample to find out why the water seems cloudy;

  • Measuring the angle of the beach.

Students wrote up some of their findings during the next lesson and this contributed to their overall term Geography grade.

Wildlife Watch


On Monday the 2nd of March 2015, Year 6’s visited Woodside Wildlife Park in Langworth, as part of their Science and English work. The Park is a sanctuary for rescued animals, including their two resident tigers, Julia and Tango. As part of the trip pupils were able to feed the meerkats, meet the lemurs while they had their lunch, watch an amazing animal show and watch the tigers being fed. Our favourite animals were the capybaras because at first we thought they were giant hamsters! We researched these animals to find out that they are in fact rodent family mammals from South America. The trip was a great success and consolidated pupils’ understanding of animals and their habitats. Following the trip pupils wrote up a report on their visit, including their own views on animal cruelty and how to care for animals properly.

Outdoor Adventures


At The Lady Jane Franklin School we are developing our Outdoor Education for all year groups. This has begun with an overnight residential in the Lincolnshire Wolds with our year 6’s and 7’s this Spring.

We believe that Outdoor Education can provide an opportunity to increase quality of life and heighten social interaction. It gives opportunities of physical activity in the natural environment that not only aids an increased life-span and greater well-being but also an increased ability to function better at school and home. Outdoor adventure programmes can impact positively on young people's attitudes, beliefs and self-perceptions and through them, we aim to increase independence, confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

On our first Outdoor Education residential, fourteen of our pupils set out on Tuesday 6th May to complete an 8 mile navigational walk. Working as a group they had to complete the trek whilst carrying all their food and drink. They navigated from their maps and encouraged each other through the pain barriers which are usually a signal to give up. The walk ended at the hostel where we were staying. During the evening the group completed team building activities, prepared and helped cooked tea. They washed and cleaned together and enjoyed an evening of entertainment without any electrical appliances! The following morning the group again worked together to prepare and cook breakfast before they set out on another walk, this time a smaller distance of three miles before returning to school.

The trip was a huge success. Each individual showed and overcame a moment of weakness and anxiety within the two days and every member of staff involved was extremely proud of the attitude and efforts shown by all the boys.


Fourteen of our Year 8 and 9 pupils set out on a very sunny and energy zapping morning on Tuesday 16th June to complete an 8 mile navigational walk through the Lincolnshire Wolds. All those involved worked extremely hard to complete the trek whilst wearing back packs with their supplies in. They successfully navigated from their maps and showed examples of great team work and determination to complete the route.

After a long day, the group were relieved to find the hostel where we were staying. The evening was spent completing team building activities, preparing and cooking tea, washing and cleaning together and getting some well deserved rest.

The second day started slowly with our very tired students struggling through breakfast time and team duties. It was visible that their refusal of giving up was close in the thoughts of the boys but unfortunately for them that wasn’t an option and they dug deep to complete the day ahead. The leaders, who were individually picked by staff due to their outstanding performance the day before, successfully led their troops to complete another 3 mile trek, solely navigated by the pupils themselves.

Special mentions go to Dexzym Doughty and Callum Thompson who both led the walk, but it was a superb effort by all the boys who worked hard as a team.

Students Have Their Say


The school council have met each term to discuss matters brought to them from every tutor group in the school. Many pupils from all year groups have expressed their appreciation for the more varied choice at breakfast time now being served in the dining hall after being requested through the school council.

Pupils have asked to have their own lockers which they could store personal belongings in within school. They have also suggested the idea of nonsporting inter-house competitions to be held for pupils who have other interests. This has been taken up by Miss Killips who is running a gardening competition in the summer term. There are also plans for chess and scrabble competitions in the future.

After requests to have computers which perform at a faster speed, the IT department looked into this and have made appropriate updates which have enabled this to happen. It has also been suggested that there are more opportunities for learning outside the classroom. This has been put into action with teachers from core subjects planning educational trips which are relevant to the curriculum.

Onwards and Upwards

After completing their exams in May and June, the Year 11’s are looking forward to the next step in their future which will begin in September with either a college placement or full time employment. The courses they will be studying range from Electrics, Horticulture and Mechanics at colleges across the county including Boston College, Lincolnshire Regional College, LRAC and NACRO. One of our Year 11’s has gained employment on a local farm and will be working while also taking part in training in all aspects of the industry. We hope they will all enjoy and be successful in their chosen career path and look forward to hearing about their achievements in the future.

Star Crossed Love


On Wednesday 11th March The Young Shakespeare Company visited our school to give a live performance of Romeo and Juliet. Five actors performed Shakespeare’s heart-breaking story of ‘star-crossed love’ in a fast-moving, fully-costumed interactive production. The play was vividly brought to life around and among pupils in the hall in an hour long performance which we hope inspired those studying the play for their GCSE Literature exam.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park


The year 10 GCSE Art group spent the day visiting the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Tuesday 13th May. Although it was an overcast day it didn’t put the students off. They viewed work on Dame Elisabeth Frink, Dame Barbra Hepworth and Henry Moore. There was also work to be seen of Lynne Chadwick a Welsh sculptor, Anthony Caro an ex marine engineer and other sculptors of repute. The gallery also contained an exhibition of Henry Moore’s work. It is a beautiful place for a visit and pupils made sketches and strolled between the sculptures, gaining an insight into 3D art work for their GCSE folders.

Dodgeball Delight


The inter-house dodgeball tournament was a huge success. Enormous credit must go to the students for their effort, determination and spirt in which they played the games. This is the third inter-house tournament of the academic year in which Hurricane are leading the way with 1156 points. The tournament was kicked off by Spitfire and Hurricane. The game was a fierce contest with both teams desperate to get the first victory underneath their belts but it was Spitfire who would eventually come out on top. The second game was again contested with great passion. The most memorable moment and turning point in a ferociously competitive match was when Ethan Gill took apart Lancaster with a superb catch and throw to secure victory. Spitfire was now on top and needed Hurricane and Lancaster to be a low scoring game to claim top spot. The Hurricanes were a team possessed in their final match with Lancaster. Mr Laughton had taken no risks, picked his strongest team and his plan worked. Hurricane came out of the traps and went 3-0 up. In the final game Lancaster were playing for pride and deservedly pulled a game back. After the results were totted up we had a draw at the top of the table. Spitfire and Hurricane had both won 4 games, giving them a total of 12 points each. The final was one game, the winner takes all. For all the anticipation it was Hurricane who once again started the brightest and had a 10 second spell where they eliminated 3 of the Spitfires most valuable warriors. The spell proved to be the nail in the coffin for Spitfire and it was the Hurricanes who became victorious. A massive thank you must go to the students for their behaviour, attitude and effort and also staff for helping out with the event.

History Trip


"The one who does not remember History is bound to live through it again.”

These words by George Santayana serve as a stark reminder of the lessons learned by two members of staff, who recently visited the Nazi concentration and death camp on a day visit to Poland.

The harrowing plight of hundreds of thousands of Jews and other prisoners was described in vivid detail during visits to both camps, which are situated near the city of Krakow.

During the visit, the 200 teachers on the tour were constantly reminded of the human misery caused by the Nazis’ determination to eradicate the Jewish people. Tales of untold cruelty and brutality mixed with stories of heroic resistance and self-sacrifice.

Exhibits highlighted the human element of the Holocaust, committed by people against people.

The tour included both the concentration camp, where prisoners were forced into slave labour, and the death camp (Birkenau) where prisoners were murdered in huge numbers and housed in inhumane conditions.

One exhibit at Birkenau encourages visitors to see the victims as people rather than just one of a huge number and this is one of the lessons brought away by us both. Lest we forget.


Green Fingers


This summer term an exciting new inter-house competition for pupils has arrived with a love for the great outdoors. Each of the three houses have been allocated a flowerbed located at the front of the school in which they have been given the opportunity to create an eye-catching display. Pupils from all year groups are taking part in the competition and are worked hard together to design their flowerbed which will be judged by Mr Armond.

Skills for Life


Barclays Lifeskills came into school to work with KS4 pupils in March with the aim to help equip them with the key money, people and work skills, careers support and work experience they need to get ready for the world of work.

There were several workshops held throughout the day which were based around the importance of saving money for the future and having a plan in life. Pupils were inspired with a brief summary of the speaker’s life and how volunteering in the local community and abroad can help to boost their CV’s. They were encouraged to think about volunteering opportunities available to them in an area they are interested in and were given guidance on the world of work. They also took part in workshops and group games to practise their communication skills.

Each pupil was given information on how to access Barclay’s LifeSkills programme which is designed to give young people access to the advice, support and opportunities they need to get ready for the world of work through education resources, online content, workshops, events and work experience.

LJFS Ofsted Report May 2015
Adobe Acrobat document [218.3 KB]

PARENTS EVENING - Wednesday 15th July 2015

Letters to Parents/Guardians will be following shortly regarding Parent's Evening.

Rand Farm Park Trip to Take Place Before the End of Term.

Annual Sports Day on 7th July 2015 at 1pm

NCFE Level 1 - Photography

As part of his NCFE Level 1 Photography course Kai Dykes has been lighting up the Lincolnshire night sky with his long exposure shots of Tattershall. 

Shane Brown has been learning new skills during photography lessons. Shane has been using the 'big stopper' to produce some exciting long exposure shots for his final portfolio.

Red Nose Day 2015

Year 6 Woodside Wildlife Visit


On Monday the 2nd of March 2015, Year 6s’ visited Woodside Wildlife Park in Langworth, as part of their Science and English work. The Park is a sanctuary for rescued animals, including their two resident Tigers, Julia and Tango. As part of the trip pupils were able to feed the Meerkats; meet the Lemurs while they had their lunch; watch an amazing animal show and watch the tigers being fed. Our favourite animals were the Capybaras because at first we thought they were giant hamsters! However we used our research skills to find out that they are in fact rodent family mammals from South America. The trip was a great success and consolidated pupils’ understanding of animals and their habitats. Following the trip pupils wrote up a report on their visit, including their own views on animal cruelty and how to care for animals properly.

NCFE Level 1 Photography.


Pupils in Yr 9, 10 and 11 are studying for the NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Photography. Over the past few months all pupils have been learning new skills which have included light and landscape photography. The pupils have come up with the idea of having a LJFS Ball of Light which is shot with Christmas tree lights and a long exposure. They have decided, as part of their final project that the Ball of Light will be seen across Lincolnshire throughout the coming months. 

Year 6 and 7 trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor (Hindu Temple)


On Tuesday 13th January 2015 as part of their RE topic this term the year 6 and 7 class visited Bhaktivedanta manor, a self-sustaining Hindu community. The trip was organised to consolidate learning as part of the places of worship topic this term. As part of the visit the students attended a Hindu ceremony within the temple and experienced a true reflection of Hindu worship. The students also took part in a traditional Hindu dinner, with many asking for seconds! Students were also given the opportunity to wear traditional Hindu clothing and have their faces painted as Hindu warriors. The trip was a great success and all the students not only enjoyed themselves, but have shown great respect for other cultures.


Bhaktivedanta Manor

Football News

The Lady Jane Franklin School are extremely pleased to announce that we are now part of the Lincolnshire Special School Football League.


Our first fixture has been draw for Wednesday January 28th at home vs Knossington School.


Good Luck! 

Remembrance Day

On the morning of the 11th of November 2014 the whole school gathered in the dining room to participate in a Remembrance Day assembly which was led by Mr Mara. The presentation included the reading of poems by two year nine pupils. Pupils listened with great interest and observed the two minutes silence in an impeccable manner. The assembly was very successful and created a topic for discussion throughout the day.

In addition to the Remembrance Day assembly the staff and pupils have planted approximately 400 trees in the shape of a poppy to create the schools own memorial garden. During the last few days all tutor groups were given the opportunity to plant their own tree within the display and all pupils participated in the project. The project was led by Mr Hodson, the Land Based Studies Tutor. Mr Hodson was assisted by two year 11 pupils.

Children in Need Charity Event Raised in Excess of £150

Staff hosted a fantastic fund raising activity for Children in Need.

All staff and pupils took part in a wheelchair grand prix!

The PE staff created a course around the sports hall which included a pit lane.  The school raised over £60 for Children in Need through sales of snacks at break time and raffle ticket sales, as well as donations by both staff and pupils.

Fantastic day! 

What Does It Mean To Be British?


The staff and pupils are currently working on a new SMSC project with a theme of

What does it mean to be British’

Staff and pupils were asked during tutor time to discuss and produce a mind map with keywords that relate to their understanding about what it means to be British.

The project has been given a notice board in the dining room so that it creates a high profile within school.


With the key significance of Remembrance Day the Art department along with year 8 have produced hand painted poppies to form part of the display.

This board is very much work in progress and updates will be shown in the near future.

What Does It Mean To Be British? - Update

Staff and students have been working on the SMSC theme 'What Does it Mean to Be British?' and here is the updated board.

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On 7th July 2014 a group of students and staff were lucky enough to take part in a residential visit to Normandy in France. Early Monday morning the group arrived in their taxis and met Mrs Smith. Once their luggage was loaded onto the mini bus and we were off.

The weather was spectacular as we left and during our stay in Normandy with sunshine and highs of 26°C, we even brought the sun with us when we returned on the 11th of July. 



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Year 10 Cake and Bake Finalist

Year 10 Cake and Bake Finalist - click here for more information

Rolling, Camera, Action!


Year 7 and 8 students have just finished their video projects with help from the award winning actor and writer Ben Keaton, who starred in various TV series including - Casualty and Father Ted. Ben has helped students understand the various roles of film production, including both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

Ben has been involved with the school for nearly 2 years and has produced some fantastic short films with the students.

For information about Ben Keaton video workshops - click here.


Ben in also actively involved in planning a video production for the Comenius project in which the school will host a week long project for 4 other european schools. More information will be uploaded soon, for current information about Comenius click here.

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Comenius - Final Stage

Comenius Update - One of the schools Year 11 students who took part in Comenius has made a website about his experience during the project.

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